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Voter ID and the Supreme Court


Alesia L

The Supreme Court is hearing several major cases this term, one being voter ID laws. Already, lower courts have weighed in on voter ID laws, deeming them unfair. Hopefully the high court will follow suit.

According to, 30 states have enacted some form of voter ID laws. Several states, like Minnesota and Pennsylvania, are embroiled in tough battles over strict voter ID measures. Although a judge struck down Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law, Minnesota’s battle continues. The restrictive voting laws in Minnesota threaten to disenfranchise 700,000 citizens.  A mere 52% of Minnesotans support the harsh Voter ID provision and the number continues to decrease. With over 6,000 signatures, a petition to strike down the Minnesota provision is gaining momentum.

Supporters of voter ID laws like to tout that they will end voter fraud. But what these measures really do is make it harder for elderly, minority and low-income groups who often vote for the Democratic candidates to vote.  In essence, it’s a ploy to keep the Democratic vote down.

So far, lower courts have seen through the voter ID supporters’ arguments and have blocked enforcement of photo ID laws. Besides Pennsylvania, two judges in Wisconsin have blocked these laws.

You can help with the fight in Minnesota. Join us in voting “NO” on Minnesota’s Voter Restriction Amendment! Sign the petition here.