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Everywhere I Look, There Are Caregivers


Donna D

This week a new campaign was launched called “Give A Care”.  The idea is simple: thank the people in your life who are caregivers by sending them a personalized video.  It’s really that easy, but I imagine that it will have a huge impact on many people who see the video and recognize how deeply important caregiving is in our society.

I would say that 90 percent of my friends are caregivers. We’re all parents and we have the same daily routines: wake up early, fix breakfast, get the kids up, ready for school, off to school, pick them up, feed them dinner, put them to bed. And the cycle continues and there’s never a day off. It’s not an easy job, and the pay is lousy.

On top of that, some of my friends take care of sick parents or an ailing spouse, or have a child with special needs. Again, their task is difficult and the pay is terrible.

We’re all caregivers but we don’t see ourselves in that role. Caregiving is just something that we DO because our loved ones depend on us. We all struggle to provide the best care we can for our loved ones and sometimes we question ourselves, wondering what we could be doing better.

When those thoughts cross my mind, it’s great to know that everywhere I look, there are caregivers. I see them at the grocery store, helping elderly parents shop, buying food for a family dinner. I see them at my office, when colleagues take time off to help sick relatives or partners. I see them at my son’s school. And I see them within my own family, as my dad cares for my sick mother at home.

If I could say one thing to all the caregivers I know, it would be hard to sum up my appreciation in a few simple words. “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to cut it. This video (link) helps to visualize what it is that makes caregiving so challenging yet also profoundly rewarding.  Please share it, and tell those around you, from the bottom of your heart, how important what they do is every single day.