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A Strange Way to Reach Out to Latino Voters


Kathleen T

As the GOP convention starts, Mitt Romney is being urged by some Republicans to reach out to Latino voters. I’m pretty sure Kris Kobach, an adviser of his, did not get that message. Last week, Kobach sued the Obama Administration over Deferred Action for DREAM students.
Kobach was a primary drafter of Arizona’s racist SB 1070, a bill that Romney said during the primary should serve “as a model for the rest of the nation.” Although SB 1070 is highly unpopular among Latino voters, Romney has continued to defend it.
Romney recently agreed to a forum with Univision to respond to questions facing Latino voters this election.  But it’s hard to imagine what sort of promises he’ll be able to make to achieve that 38% goal with one of his advisors engaged in a lawsuit that directly negates a measure that so many Latino voters greatly support. Romney has also promised to veto the DREAM Act, and advocated for a “self-deportation” policy. It is clear he is completely out of touch with the needs of Latino communities.
Now during his general election campaign he’s taking the advice of the guy known for authoring one of the most racist state policies and for suing the administration on their attempt to protect young and faultless immigrants. He’ll find on Election Day that Latino voters know better than to vote for a candidate who takes the advice of a vehemently anti-immigrant adviser.