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A Message to Romney From a 47 Percenter


Donna D

I had to stop cooking dinner last night because I was stunned when I heard on the radio that Mitt Romney had written off 47 percent of the country, essentially calling them moochers because they receive some sort of government assistance.
I started to think about who makes up the 47 percent Romney doesn’t want to represent should he become president. Among that group are retirees who collect Social Security, like my parents.
My dad retired in 1992 after serving 30 years in the U.S. Army. But a few months into his retirement, he grew bored and took a job with the CIA, using his military expertise to train personnel. He finally decided to retire this year, partly because my mom has been sick and he wanted to care for her. My mom had retired a few years ago after working for the federal government to certify people to work in child care facilities.
My parents have worked hard all their lives. They now own their home outright but they still pay taxes on it. They also pay federal and state taxes. They are exemplary citizens, and in my dad’s case, he is one of the many veterans who have protected this country.
It makes no sense to me that Romney would decide that people like my parents aren’t worthy of his support, should he become president. That makes me worry for them. Will a President Romney cut their Social Security benefits? Will he take away their Medicare benefits? Will he make them pay more taxes because they don’t fall into the “super rich” category Romney is so eager to protect?
One of the great pledges made by our nation is that those who spend a lifetime building this country will be taken care of in their retirement years. Our promise to one another is embodied in very successful government programs like Social Security. This is not a program that makes anyone rich. Far from it. It simply stops millions of older people from falling into terrible poverty.
Americans like my parents deserve leaders who are willing to represent all the people, not just those with big wallets who can donate a lot of campaign cash.